1. Design ideas :We, at Panache de Interiors believe in design philosophy featuring refined use of organic materials, sophisticated colors and strong silhouettes, adopting newly evolved styles and advanced technologies.
  1. Client focused solutions:  We understand that requirements can      differ from client to client. Our designs always have your requirements as top priority.
  1. Experienced and well qualified staff: Mrs.Surbhi Reddy, Managing Director and Principal Designer of Panache de Interiors, leads a team of imaginative, intelligent and inspiring designers and staff.  Her expertise lies in creativity, aesthetically designing interiors in style and color combinations for an inspired living and execution of projects in time. She is respected for the intelligent integration of concepts and designs.
  1. In time completion: Our very experienced team knows the   importance of time and strives on delivering your dreams in time.

Last but not the least…

We will be your central point of contact for anything you need to do with your interiors and everything related right from the very start of the process, until the keys are handed back to you.

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